Established in 1972, JHA has been welcoming and celebrating our members' accomplishments. Every year, our goal is to provide our members, guests and supporters with a welcoming, safe and most rewarding equestrian experience possible.


We welcome you to join us for our scheduled shows, events, end-of-year award ceremony, clinics and other activities for the whole family.


Jupiter Horsemen's Association provides the equine community with knowledge and opportunity for growth by means of education, competition and camaraderie.


JHA has seen thousands of horses and riders develop through its ranks. The passion and commitment to promote quality horse shows each year as well as supporting our members succeed and flourish as riders has increased ridership and members each show season. We welcome riders of all levels, from our youngest or novice riders to our most seasoned veterans. This atmosphere makes for a very competitive show season!


773.04 Posting and notification.

(1) Every equine activity sponsor and equine professional shall:

(a) Post and maintain one or more signs which contain the warning notice specified in subsection (2). These signs shall be placed in a clearly visible location near to where the equine activity begins. The warning notice specified in subsection (2) shall appear on the sign in black letters, with each letter to be a minimum of 1 inch in height, with sufficient color contrast to be clearly distinguishable.

(b) Give the participant a written document which the participant shall sign with the warning notice specified in subsection (2) clearly printed on it. Said written document may be used in lieu of posting the warning on the site of the equine activity sponsor’s or equine professional’s facility, and shall be given to any participant in an equine event not on the location of the equine activity sponsor’s or equine professional’s facility.

(2) The signs and document described in subsection (1) shall contain the following warning notice:



Under Florida law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.

History.—s. 91, ch. 93-169.